Let your health shine bright

Our Practice

All Bright Chiropractic is a family practice that holds true the belief that inside everyone is the capacity for true health, true vibrancy, true light. We believe that Chiropractic should be built on relationships, simple, and affordable. And goldarnit, we think we do a pretty good job at that.


When we say family practice, we mean family practice- newborns, teens, adults, grandparents, cousins, couples, singles, friends, dance teams, the whole crew (minus furry friends…maybe someday). We look at each person as an individual to develop a chiropractic game plan, based on his/ her goals and current state of health, in order to help achieve a higher level of health and function. It’s all about people + trust + connection =  genuine relationships.

Although the process to obtain a chiropractic education is rigorous, you don’t need any special license or schooling to understand how the body works and why chiropractic should be part of your family’s health practices. Whether you’ve had past experience in another Chiropractic office or this is all brand spankin’ new to you, below are the principles upon which All Bright Chiropractic was built.

1.    You are designed with a light inside you. This light represents health, energy, healing, love, growth, all the good stuff.


2.    From the moment you were created, you endure stress in countless ways (physical, emotional, and chemical) that add layers upon layers of dust to your light. Yes, even babies endure significant stress.

3.    The light (the potential) is still there inside you, albeit very dusty.

4.    With Chiropractic, we are able to remove the dust by restoring the brain-body connection through a series of specific, gentle, and effective adjustments.

5.    With layers of dust kicked to the curb, the light is able to shine as it was intended, BRIGHT as ever. 

So if you’re looking to transfer care from another chiro office, cut down on aches and pains, improve your spinal health, or tap into that potential we’re talking about, All Bright Chiropractic can help.

Although a whole heap of chiropractic offices operate on a fee-for-service basis, our practice runs on a different concept that makes payments reasonable and cost-effective for families while rewarding them for being intentional with their health.

Our model is pretty simple: our usual adjustment fee is $50 per visit, but by using our discount program, the majority of our patients actually pay less for a year of care than they would if we were in their insurance network.

We’ll be able to provide your family with unique recommendations and further assist you in finding a plan to meet your needs after you complete your New Patient consult and exam.

Dr. Marqelle Albrecht grew up on a farm in South Dakota about 30 minutes from the Dakota Border. She’s the oldest of 4 kids and, as you might expect, has always felt drawn to take care of others. Dr. Marqelle decided at an early age that chiropractic was how she wanted to make that happen. She headed north to Alaska… Just kidding! To NDSU for undergraduate college before attending Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN. It wasn’t until going to chiropractic school that she realized that people don’t need someone to take care of them, to fix them or cure them or make the hard stuff disappear. People need someone to remind them that their health isn’t broken, to support them in deciding what’s best for them, to encourage the dickens out of them, to be a health partner. That is what Dr. Marqelle brings to the table and is most excited to share with the FM community: BRIGHT health, happiness, energy, purpose.  

Dr. Marqelle lives in Mapleton with her boyfriend, Michael, and two Saint Bernards. She loves all things outdoors (even our Midwest winters!), playing games, quoting movies, cooking, and finding fun ways to crunchitize* life. 

1. Used to describe efforts (eating, creating, behaving, using home products, etc.) made to align one’s lifestyle with more natural means
        -Sometimes a cause for terms of endearment such as "hippie" or "tree hugger" or "granola"
        -Not to be confused with the "Crunchatize me, Cap'n" campaign from Cap'n Crunch cereal :P

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